Leadership Engagement: Going Further Regional Plan 2.0


In April 2017, a Design Team comprised of representatives of all three K-12 districts, COD, CSUSB, UCR and business began work, with support from Ford Next Generation Learning (Ford NGL) and Alignment USA, to vision and design a framework for “Regional Plan 2.0” – the renewal of the original Coachella Valley Regional Plan for College and Career Success written and adopted in 2012. The team agreed upon a six strand framework, building upon accomplishments achieved through the original plan.

In September 2017, seventy stakeholders representing K-20 education, foundations, philanthropy, business, government, nonprofits and students, gathered to begin writing Regional Plan 2.0. Four Strand Writing Teams were formed and an initial draft of plan sections were written between October 2017 and May 2018. Draft versions were reviewed and edited by all partners and a refined plan was adopted by the Regional Plan Oversight Team in November 2019. In January 2020, all partners affirmed that Technology Access and Proficiency must be an overarching focus and established three goal areas: 1) Universal wifi access/take-home devices for all students; 2) Technology proficiency for all faculty; 3) CS/Coding Programs at every school.

In September 2020, the technology focus expanded to securing exceptional broadband for all learners and partners affirmed a bold goal of 70% college completion in six years for all students.  

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Graphic Illustrations & Travel Guide: May 2022 Regional Plan Retreat (Emily Shepard, The Graphic Distillery)

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Graphic Illustrations & Travel Guide: September 2020 Regional Plan Retreat (Emily Shepard, The Graphic Distillery)

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Graphic Illustrations: January 16, 2019 Regional Plan Retreat (Emily Shepard, The Graphic Distillery)







Huge thanks to everyone who joined us for our Regiional Plan 2.0 Retreat on January 16, 2019 at UCR Palm Desert! Click here to check out the powerpoint presentation.

2019 Success for Male Scholars - Table Discussion Notes

Graphic Illustrations: 2017/2018 Retreat (The Graphic Distillery: Emily Shepard)