Coachella Valley: Going Further Regional Plan 2.0

In April 2017, a Design Team comprised of representatives of all three K-12 districts, COD, CSUSB, UCR and business began work, with support from Ford Next Generation Learning (Ford NGL) and Alignment USA, to vision and design a framework for “Regional Plan 2.0” – the renewal of the original Coachella Valley Regional Plan for College and Career Success written and adopted in 2012. The team agreed upon a six strand framework, building upon accomplishments achieved through the original plan.

In September 2017, seventy stakeholders representing K-20 education, foundations, philanthropy, business, government and students, gathered to begin writing Regional Plan 2.0. Four Strand Writing Teams were formed and an initial draft of the plan sections were written between October 2017 and May 2018. A draft was shared with the Regional Plan Oversight Committee for an initial review and suggestions for refinement and next steps on May 24, 2018. That plan was then shared with each of the existing Alignment Teams for their review and input.

The Regional Plan 2.0 Retreat took place January 16, 2019 and it was GREAT!

Click here to see a copy of the final Regional Plan 2.0.

Coachella Valley's Vision:

All Students will graduate high school prepared for College, Career, and Life.


The regional plan identifies five long-term, strategic outcomes, which are:

1) Increase High School Graduation Rates

2) Increase College Readiness

3) Increase College/Higher Skills Training Completion

4) Increase Career Readiness

5) Local Students in Higher Wage Jobs


The plan also describes specific strategies to advance college and career readiness for all students, including development of personal graduation plans, strengthening counselor collaboration opportunities, improving the high school graduation rate, boosting A-G course completion, building a locally funded endowment for the scholarship program and designing outreach strategies for parents and students beginning as early as middle school.