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Since 2009, Coachella Valley Economic Partnership Pathways to Success, along with local partners, has awarded more than $10 million dollars in scholarships to students from the Coachella Valley pursuing higher education.  Not only does CVEP (PTS) provide these students financial assistance, but they also provide them with the tools and resources to become better-prepared leaders locally. In the past seven years, through grant support and local partnerships, our scholarship program has provided more than 1,500 individual scholarships to local students pursuing their college degree. 



This past June, CVEP (PTS) hosted their second annual Student Leadership Conference at California State University San Bernardino, Palm Desert Campus. The purpose of this conference was to help grow the next generation of local leaders through the alignment of their academic and professional pursuits. This year, more than 200 scholarship recipients from across the valley attended this three-day conference, where they had the unique experience of interacting and learning from top local business, education, and civic leaders. 


The Second Annual CVEP Student Leadership Conference kicked off with a pre-conference where students split into two groups, the Male-Gent Alliance and the Women Alliance. During this session, scholars discussed the leadership roles of men and women in the Business world.

The next day, students were officially welcomed by the CVEP Team and by Jairek Robbins, a motivational speaker providing businesses around the world with the proper mindset to succeed in the competitive marketplace. “I really enjoyed Jariek as a Keynote Speaker, he was extremely insightful and engaging,” said an attendee. 


The Student Leadership Conference welcomed over 60 local business, education and community partners who provided workshops, served as panelists and participated in mentoring sessions. During these sessions, presenters provided scholars with a perspective of what it is like to work in their career field. A dialogue was created where students were able to ask presenters questions about their experiences getting to that career and working in the field. This event was an opportunity for students to network with peers, grow both professionally and academically, and develop a personal mission that will help as a guide for this new journey they're about to begin.


CVEP is committed to making this conference an impacting experience in the scholar’s academic and personal life. Our goal is to provide recipients with the right tools and motivation to stay on track, along with the active participation of panelists and speakers, who dedicate their time to educate students on several different career paths.

 Our CVEP Student Leadership Conference is funded through grants, local partnerships and corporate sponsors. To support our Annual Leadership Conference, please consider supporting our local students, as they develop their leadership skills.  CVEP Pathways to Success is A 501 © (3)TAXPAYER ID (#33-0642485) nonprofit organization serving the Coachella Valley.

For more information contact Cristina Gregorio at (760) 625-0102 or via email at