OneFuture Alignment Teams

OneFuture Coachella Valley is part of the Alignment USA network and we use the AUSA tactical planning framework and team structure to advance our Regional Plan.

Currently, ten Alignment Teams (A-Teams) are leading work in a variety of areas to support student and regional economic success.

Community members are welcome to join this work! Contact Kim McNulty. Cell: 760/413-5990.  Email:


Behavioral Health Workforce A-Team

Vision: The Coachella Valley will have an abundant supply of mental and behavioral health professionals who are from our own student population and are responsive to the needs of our community.

Strategy: Mobilize local mental and behavioral health professionals, agencies and education systems to collectively develop and implement a plan that will increase the supply of qualified mental and behavioral health professionals from within our local student population.


Business Engagement A-Team

Vision: Develop strategies to inform and mobilize community partners to drive the employer components of the Coachella Valley Regional Plan for College and Career Success.

Strategy: Mobilize Coachella Valley business to support regional college and career pathways/Linked Learning efforts assure local students have meaningful, high-quality work experience and align the efforts with local workforce demand.


College Completion A-Team

Vision: A regional college compact promise makes post-secondary education available to all Coachella Valley students. 

Strategy: Remove systemic and institutional post-secondary admission barriers, empowering local student to complete college and secure careers in the Coachella Valley, stregnthening our workforce and economy. 


Desert Hot Springs Family Alliance A-Team

Vision:  Desert Hot Springs is a vibrant community where school attendance is a priority and is seen as essential to children’s success. All students attend school more than 90% of the school year because: 

- Students feel valued and visible and understand the importance of attending schools in which they feel safe
- The DHS community engages faith-based organizations, public entities, social entities, non-profits and residents to cross-culturally collaborate so that residents feel connected to their City
- Families have built a trusting community among themselves in which they feel safe and can support one another when they are struggling
- Families have access to a network of translators/navigators to help them understand how schools work
- Children live in stable, affordable housing in which their basic needs are met and they feel personally safe 
- Transportation is accessible

StrategyIn order to reduce chronic absenteeism in schools and the related socio-economic costs, our strategy is to engage families, key service providers, local legislators and a cross section of community stakeholders to identify and address core contributors to absenteeism. We will educate and motivate the community toward positive actions and aligned resource to achieve equitable and culturally responsive support for students, parents and families.


Financial Aid A-Team

Vision: Any student (low income and middle income) from the Coachella Valley who aspires to attend college will have access to funding (grants, scholarships, other) to cover full cost of attending college, including tuition, fees and living expenses with the intent that each will complete college and secure a career that will contribute to a thriving local economy resulting in the growth of a healthy community.

Strategy: Inspire more students to aspire to complete college by increasing financial aid literacy and expanding availability and access to financial resources by aligning efforts of regional providers.


Gents Alliance A-Team

Vision: To improve the college access and completion rates of young men in the Coachella Valley. The alliance will engage local business, education and civic partners to develop services and resources to increase college success rates among young men. This initiative and program is linked to the Coachella Valley’s workforce development strategies outlined in the Regional Plan for College and Career Success.

StrategyIncrease college completion among male scholars, including completion of the FAFSA and Cal-Grant applications, by aligning and leveraging partnership and resources for maximum impact on student success.


Opportunity Youth and Young Adult (OYYA) A-Team

Vision: To empower young adults by helping them discover relevant and accessible opportunities and support networks that allow them to be successful in their educational and workforce pursuits while addressing the causes of disconnection.

StrategySignificantly reduce the number of long-term unemployed and disconnected young adults and other groups that lack access to the workforce.